Trekking Sardinia discover new pathways close to our B&B Olbia

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Agriturismo L’Aglientu offers beautiful trekking paths during your holidays in Sardinia. The paths of unique charm, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, a short distance from our farm Olbia. You will not need to get away by car for trekking Sardinia, just a backpack and a packed lunch and a pair of good shoes and retreat further into the real Sardinia a few hundred meters from our B & B Olbia. Your holidays in Sardinia would not be complete without a beautiful walk along the paths of the farm, to discover wild places and the beauty of the Gallura countryside, with the scents and colors of the Mediterranean. A long trek (1hr, 30min.) Takes you to the rocky canyon where the river Riu Mannu, and you could also explore along the bend of the river until you find beautiful beaches and extensive natural ponds in which have a little swim. Going up to the ford of the river you can extend the trekking path until you get to Azzanidò or alternatively to Biasi. Along the way, you can come across some wild animals, like this beautiful species turtles Sardinia, the famous “Testudo Marginata Sarda.” If you want to go for a walk ask Agriturismo L’Aglientu, we will give you a map of this beautiful trekking route.

Text by Antonella Bonacossa – Agriturismo in Sardegna B&B Olbia

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